PoseBaby Pro

PoseBaby Pro creates custom and unique newborn photography products & accessories that are both functional & affordable. We stand behind every product in our collection, delivering our customers with the highest quality products and modern, practical designs. We specially test each & every product and listen to the collective input of newborn photographers across the globe to ensure that our products are favorable in every way. 

PoseBaby is best known for the PoseBaby Pro Posing Bean Bags. With newborn photography, one of the most important aspects of creating one-of-a-kind newborn portraits is the base on which the baby is posed. The PoseBaby Pro Poser is made with superior faux leather and offers a large and impressionable surface area for dynamic & versatile posing. It also has the perfect amount of grip for your blankets, a durable zipper, and an inner bag. The inner bag is one of the special aspects that makes the PoseBaby bean bag unique; not only does the inner bag make filling much easier, but it allows you to customize how soft or firm you’d like your posing surface to be, based on how much you fill it. Oh, and let’s not forget that the PoseBaby bean bag is easy to wipe clean (...because we all know babies are messy little humans!) 

PoseBaby also designs apparel & totes that are dedicated to the #newbornphotography industry. Being a newborn photographer is one of the best jobs in the world and takes not only a creative photographer, but one with patience, attention to small detail, and most importantly, a big heart with lots of love. Each design we make is inspired by the wonderful community of newborn photographers who wake up and do what they are passionate about every day.