The PoseBaby Pro Newborn Photography Bean Bag

PoseBaby is best known for professional newborn posing bean bags. Here, we are going to explain more of the features of our Studio Size poser & what makes it unique.

Above is the PoseBaby Professional Studio Size Poser that measures 40" Diameter and 12" Tall.

The 40” Diameter has a large and impressionable surface area made to mold easily to the baby. This allows for dynamic and versatile posing. Having a large, sturdy and flexible posing surface will undoubtedly have an improved effect on your newborn session images and posing.

PoseBaby only uses the best and most durable materials. The PoseBaby PRO Bean Bag Poser is specially made with the highest quality of faux leather. With the perfect amount of grip, this poser will also keep blankets steady in place. It is also easy to wipe clean after little (unplanned) accidents.

We specially designed the PoseBaby Pro Bean Bag with a built-in handle to make transporting easier - whether you’re in your studio, home studio, or traveling to a client’s home, this handle will make things much easier.

 Most newborn posers on the market are so tough to fill without making a big mess. Which is why we’ve designed the PoseBaby Pro Bean Bag with exactly that in mind. We wanted to create a poser that was easy to fill, without causing a big mess and headache, and was customizable to your softness or firmness surface preference for your poses. The PoseBaby poser comes with a large and convenient anti-burst inner bag and a durable zipper for easy filling and reliable closure. (No velcro closure like other posers!) The PoseBaby Infant Poser is one of the only Professional Newborn Photography Bean Bags on the market that comes with an inner bag & safety zipper to prevent spills and mishaps. This pillow is durable and designed to last.


The inner bag not only makes filling much easier, but allows you to customize how soft or firm you’d like your posing surface to be, based on how much you fill it.

Please do note, that in order to provide you with the best price without expensive shipping costs, the bean bag does NOT come with the bean bag filling & must be filled by purchaser upon arrival. Recommended filling: 4 to 5 bags of 3.5 Cubic Feet Polystyrene Bean Filling. (Although some of our customers have preferred using only 3 bags.) If you'd like our tips and pointers on how to fill it easily, please contact us. We'd love to help!