Newborn Photography Checklist - 10 Must Haves For Your Next Newborn Session.

Newborn Photography sessions are oh-so-fun, but they bring with them many unexpected surprises. The more prepared that you are, the better your sessions will turn out. We've put together a list of the top items that you should have with you for each session.  


This one is pretty obvious and goes without saying - the camera is your most important piece of equipment. Double check your camera bag beforehand to make sure your camera is inside and ready to go. You also might want to bring different lenses to change up your shots during the session.

Memory Cards

This is another one that might seem pretty obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many times we have heard the horror stories of photographers showing up at a client’s home only to realize that they left their memory cards at home by mistake. Don’t let this happen to you. Double check the night before that you have at least two memory cards with enough space on them for a full session.

Newborn Posing Bean Bag

With newborn photography, one of the most important aspects of creating one-of-a-kind newborn photos is the base that the baby is posed. The bean bag you use truly does matter. The PoseBaby Pro Bean Bags are specially designed for newborn photography and for posing newborns. Make sure that you bring a quality posing bean bag to your session, as this will be the base for all of your poses. You want to have a sturdy yet moldable base for posing the baby. If you don’t have a newborn posing bean bag, you can buy one here.


Backdrop Stand and Clamps

Your background stand is very important as it helps to create a flawless and smooth backdrop for your photos. If you are hanging blankets you will also need clamps.

Large Blankets/Throws

You will need large blankets or throws to cover your posing bean bag and to hang as a backdrop. It is a good rule of thumb to bring at least 3 large blankets with different patterns and textures. Changing blankets will give your client different options to choose from.

Small Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle blankets are a must have for your sessions as they help to create those unbelievably cute swaddled poses.


Waterproof Pads

Waterproof pads are a lifesaver and will save you time and energy not having to clean up after unplanned accidents from your tiny subject. Protect your beanbag, props, blankets & throws with PoseBaby Waterproof Pads. Use PoseBaby Waterproof Pads in a layered fashion between blankets in case your cute tiny subject happens to relive themselves. These pads are large and round - made to fit on top of the PoseBaby Beanbag perfectly. With these waterproof pads, all of your beautiful blankets, throws, and beanbag will be protected underneath. PoseBaby Waterproof pads come in a pack of TWO and are designed to fit the large surface area of the PoseBaby Pro Studio Size Posing Bean Bag. They are great high-quality pads and are machine washable so they can be used again and again!


Space Heater

Have a little space heater for every newborn session to keep your little subjects warm. Newborns lose body heat very quickly and since you will be shooting them in their "birthday suit" or in small outfits, a space heater is a must to keep them happy and healthy. (Make sure that you wear light, comfortable, layered clothes that you can take off since the room will get toasty.... You'll definitely work up a sweat shooting newborns, but hey - a little newborn photography "cardio" is fine with us!)


Props are a fun way to add your own touch to each session. Get creative and have some of your favorite props for the parents to check out. This could include different hats, headbands, outfits, posing chairs and baskets. You can also coordinate with the parents to include family heirlooms into the session.


PoseBaby Posing Beans and Butterfly Posing Pillow

PoseBaby Posing Beans and the PoseBaby Butterfly Poser are simply placed on top of the PoseBaby Posing Bean Bag and under the fabric to create the contour that is needed for Newborn Photography but in a way that is pleasantly faded back to the backdrop. The Butterfly Poser and Posing Beans help to create beautiful newborn poses (example: Head Up Tushie Up Pose) that are hard to achieve otherwise. They are a perfect for posing babies in a variety of positions, especially on their bellies and to prop up both ends of your model. 

We hope you've enjoyed this list of newborn photography must-haves and that it helps you to prepare for your next session! Happy photographing!