10 Free Marketing Tips For Your Newborn Photography Business

Marketing yourself is so important as a newborn photographer. Here's our list of 10 free marketing tips to help attract more clients and get your name out into the world wide web.

1) Have a Blog on your website. Having a blog as a photographer is important. Not only does a blog drive traffic to your website, but it also can be used to showcase your knowledge, skills, and beautiful photos. Make sure to keep your blog updated and post at least once every week. Here, clients can get a glimpse into what they can expect from a newborn session, and you can also use it to educate them.

2) Start capturing emails and build an email list. Email marketing is so important in this technology-savvy world we live in. Having a newsletter on your website that prompts every visitor to opt-in is a great way to build a client base. This can be used to capture current, future and potential clients who are interested in your work & keep them updated.

3) Offer a referral system. Word of mouth marketing is huge in the photography business. Chances are, many of your clients have friends who are at the exact same stage in life as they are, and can benefit from your newborn photography, too! Reward clients for referring you to their friends with a free print, etc.

4) Run a Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest Giveaway! Who doesn't love free stuff? Giveaways not only drive people to your social media channels, but it gets them involved and adds more visibility to your business. (Just be sure that you are reaching your target market with the giveaway so that it results in more potential clients following you!)

5) Make a Facebook Page. Set up a Facebook page dedicated to your photography business rather than using your personal page. Upload images to your Facebook page to show off your work and build a fan base around your business.

6) Set up a Google Local listing. This is gold! Google Local listings show up before organic search listings, so this is great for your photography business! Your business name, phone number & address can show up when someone searches “Dallas Tx Newborn Photographer” (for example). This is a great way to increase your chances of being seen when someone is searching for a newborn photographer in your area on Google.

7) Approach a blog to feature your photos. There are a lot of popular photography blogs that love to showcase other photographers' work. This provides back links to your website, which is good for your website’s Google search rankings. It also gets your name out there and provides you with a link to share to your friends and clients (so they know just how amazingly talented you are!)

8) Get involved in your community. Being a professional photographer, you've got a skill that people are always in need of. Get involved in your community in some capacity to get your name out there.

9) Post a short behind-the-scenes video. First of all, who in the world doesn’t want to see a sweet little sleepy newborn baby? Videos are a fantastic way of marketing and giving clients a peek into your world. Videos get shared and viewed on social media platforms like crazy!

10) Write a compelling “About Me” section on your website. Many times, your website is the very first impression that a client might have of you. (Especially if they find you through searching on Google.) Your “About Me” section should make clients feel confident and comfortable with you, and should also show some of your personality! A good “About Me” page can make a stranger instantly feel like your friend.